Real Time Reporting

RSVP (Retail Service Verification Program)
Cloud base scheduling and reporting RSVP, enables your Managers to communicate in real time the results of the completed service calls.
Your Managers can view each submitted service call’s results.
This includes before and after pictures with comments and call outs. In addition your service reps can submit re-orders .

Use the “My Documents” feature to communicate the following types of information to our Field Reps.
* Training Videos (WMV)
*Written Instructions (PDF)
*Order Forms (PDF)
*Email Field Reps via RSVP’s Bulk Email feature.

View All Reports on screen, printer or Microsoft Excel ™.

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RSVP will enable your Managers to track service costs by Retailer, Product/Brand and Service .

View Pictures of complete service calls with captions and answers to your customized survey questions.

This information keeps your Managers up to date with your product position and presentation at store level.